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The year 2016 is a year of several mile-stone dates for the Ilizarov-minded world: the 95th anniversary of the outstanding soviet surgeon-orthopedist, inventor, researcher, academician Gavriil Ilizarov, the 65th anniversary of the method “ Transosseous osteosynthesis” well-known as the  Ilizarov method and the 45th anniversary of the Ilizarov Centre, that  is a brand of the region. That is why the year 2016 is officially celebrated as the Ilizarov year in Kurgan region.paralympic games

Many cultural, medical, scientific, sport events are planned in the calendar of the Ilizarov year. The year has been started by opening of the exhibition “Healing art” dedicated to G.Ilizarov and his centre, it took place in the Art Museum on the 15th of January. The next event is “Paralympic Games” held on the 18th of February in the Ilizarov Centre.

The International Meeting ILIZAROV READINGS «BONE PATHOLOGY: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE» will be held in Kurgan, Russia on the 16-18 of June, 2016.
The co-organizers of the conference are the Russian Ilizarov Scientific Centre “Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics” and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (USA) under the auspices of international nonprofit organizations ASAMI International, ASAMI Russia, ASAMI North America.
On-line registration and abstract submission are available on the web-site
The year 2016 will bring several milestone dates important to the Ilizarov-minded world: 95th anniversary of Professor G.A.Ilizarov, 65th anniversary of the Ilizarov Method, and 45th anniversary of the Ilizarov Centre.

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The very first volume of Journal of Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction was issued on November 5, 2015, it was presented during the ILLRS Congress in Miami, Fl (USA).

Journal of Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction, a publication of Association for study & Application of Methods of Ilizarov (ASAMI-BR) & International Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction Society (ILLRS - Bone Reconstruction), is a peer-reviewed online journal with Quarterly print on demand compilation of issues published.  The journal’s full text is available online at .

jurnal Director of the Ilizarov Center  Alexander Gubin, MD, PhD, AOSpine education officer  will  present Russia in the Editorial board of the journal.

 The journal will cover technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in  field of limb lengthening deformity correction, treatment of nonunions, bone gaps, infections,  post tumor reconstruction, congenital limb anomalies. Articles with clinical interest and  implications will be given preference.

In the first volume the following articles can be found:

  • Dror Paley «Limb lengthening and reconstruction: A new subspecialty of orthopedic surgery?»
  • Milind M Chaudhary, Saurabh Jain, Vigneshwaran Pragadeeswaran, Pratik H Lakhani  «Infected lower tibial nonunions without bone grafting - Reliable union using the Ilizarov technique»
  • Kevin Tetsworth «The luckiest surgeons in the world»
  • Nuno Lopes «Use of Ilizarov methodology for complex foot and ankle problems: A personal experience»
  • Tsukasa Teramoto «Controversy of high tibial osteotomy»

The ILLRS Congress Miami 2015 has successfully finished. This year it was a combined meeting of ILLRS, LLRS and ASAMI-BR. Over 380 abstracts were presented during the meeting in 11 halls. The exhibition of medical products and research foundations was open from 4th to 7th of November.  The Congress included a full spectrum of topics on Limb Reconstruction of Bones and Joints with External and Internal fixation methods for the Upper and Lower Limbs. The conditions in children and adults for limbs that are focused on crooked or short limbs, unhealed fractures and bone infections.

The Russian Ilizarov Center had a privilege to participate in the Congress by sending a delegation of 8 speakers: Alexander Gubin, Anna Aranovich, Oleg Chegurov, Konstantin Diachkov, Artem Ermakov, Dmitry Popkov, Serguey Ryabykh, Mikhail Teplenkiy who presented over 20 papers and lectures.

Gubin Diachkov Chegurov Popkov Ryabykh

A new monograph entitled COMBINED STIMULATING METHODS OF RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY IN PEDIATRIC ORTHOPEDICS has been published by Nova Science Publishers” (USA). It deals with methods of combined osteosynthesis in pediatric orthopedics and can be found in printed and electronic versions (ISBN: 978-1-63483-028-7 printed version, ISBN: 978-1-63483-053-9 eBook).

обложка монографии

The book is edited by Dmitry POPKOV, MD, PhD, chief of laboratory of deformity correction and limb lengthening of the Ilizarov Center.

The chapters are written by researchers and doctors of the Ilizarov Center: prof. A.Popkov, S.Ryabykh, D.Borzunov, N.Kononovich, R.Shutov, A.Mitrofanov, E.Gorbach, A.Yemanov, S.Kolchin, D.Popkov; as well as by our French and Swiss colleagues: prof. P.Lascombes, prof. P.Journeau, D.Barbier. Introduction is performed by A.Gubin, MD, PhD.

The monograph presents state-of-the-art theoretic knowledge and experimental data which became the basis of clinical techniques applied in reconstructive pediatric orthopedics. New methods of treatment are developed in Kurgan clinic, some of them in collaboration with European colleagues.

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