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  • April, 3 

Five foreign surgeons from Columbia, India, Kuwait and Great Britain have come to Kurgan for training, they will spend four weeks learning and practicing the Ilizarov philosophy and techniques. Over 2000 doctors from 82 countries all over the world have already attended the educational programs of the Ilizarov Centre.

  • April, 7 9feeafa8e740fdbe632b43236148b194 XL

Boris Nuvahov, the author of three books about Gavriil Ilizarov has published a new book dedicated to the Ilizarov Centre and its founder. “Directing the force of nature” is written by a chronologist of medicine who is related to the Centre not only on friendly terms but also as a patient.

  • April, 14 acaf69a47291143b36612c5b483fc572 L

This day is the 75th anniversary of the world-known athlete Valery Brumel. The Olympic champion in high jump (1964), record-holder (1963 - 218 cm) was one of the most famous patients of the Ilizarov Centre. He was cured by G.Ilizarov in 1968 after an open comminuted fracture resulted from a traffic accident. With the help of Kurgan surgeon Valery re-started his sport career and took the 205 cm height. On the 28th of April an opening of installation “Brumel’s gate” will be held in the Ilizarov Centre’s park. Among the guests of the event are young sportsmen, students and the widow of V.Brumel.

  • April, 17 sport

The Ilizarov Centre team has won the 6th competition of the Cup of Kurgan Healthcare department. 16 teams of medical institutions of the region have been competing within 2 months in volleyball, cross-country skiing, shooting, power lifting, table tennis.

  • April, 21 img 4057

The Ilizarov Centre in collaboration with Bionic company (Moscow) participated in the Skolkovo Robotics V conference. They presented a model of bionic hand prosthesis attached to the limb with the technique of osseointegration.

The round table on problems of accessibility of spaces and services for passengers with special needs was held in the building of Kurgan airport on the 28th of March. Deputy Governor on social politics Alexander Karpov, director of the airport Dmitry Kovalenko, representatives of the Ilizarov Centre, social associations of people with disabilities and mass-media participated in discussion.

During the tour around the airport D.Kovalenko demonstrated special equipment for passengers – wheelchair ramps, color navigation, call bells for staff, medical room, etc. Also two elevators and  hoists are planned to be acquired.  

Making the airport comfortable for disabled people is of a crucial importance for the Ilizarov Centre, as it is one of the major service consumers of the airport. Statistics says that annually about 1000 patients with motor disorders get flights to Kurgan from other cities of Russia and abroad to be cured in the Ilizarov Centre. 


In February the Ilizarov Centre launched several training courses for 11 doctors of various specialties.

A group of traumatologists from Armenia and a doctor from Yakutsk (Russia) has come to the Centre for one month training cycle on traumatology and orthopedics. The doctors are supposed to learn application of Ilizarov method in treatment of trauma and deformities.

Another specialist from “The Centre of maternity and childhood care” Vladivostok (Russia) will study spinal deformities and transpedicular fixation for two weeks in the department of neurosurgery.

Six veterinarians will learn to apply the Ilizarov device in fractures in cats and dogs on the basis of experimental department.

The details of training cycles of proficiency enhancement in the Ilizarov Centre are on the page EDUCATION

On the 14th of February a famous professor Adar Eliyahu, chief of the orthopedic unit, State Hospital Edith Wolfson (Holon, Israel), Chairman of the Israel Association of knee joint and arthroscopy is invited to Kurgan to lecture on massive rotator cuff repair  by biodegradable balloon InSpace. The training includes discussion and analysis of clinical cases. Registration will start from 9 to 10 a.m.

To download the training program click here.

The new project of psychological support of patients with consequences of injuries of spine and spinal cord has started on the basis of clinical department # 10. The aim of the project is to assist persons with spinal trauma in adaptation. It suggests consultations of the medical psychologist through all the stages of treatment – in the hospital as well as distantly at home. The program is developed and put into practice by psychologist Irina Nesterova. In the project frame testing, consulting, individual and group therapies, distant consultations via internet are held.

The patients successfully adapted to the consequences of spinal trauma and leading an active life also take part in the project. Timur Gadelshin has developed his own training program, Ekaterina Bezruchenko is persistent in complex rehabilitation and successful in business and personal life. Grigoriy Tsarkov after spinal injury became champion of Russia in wheelchair racing, ascended the Mount McKinley (North America) and wrote a book about it. The book G. Tsarkov “Ascent of the Mount McKinley. Expeditionary journal” is presented by the author to the Centre’s library as a gift. 

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