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The Kurgan region team of improvement of investment climate successfully defended the project in the President Academy (Moscow). The project deals with creation of the international rehabilitation centre of orthopedics and trauma on the basis of the Ilizarov Centre. It suggests construction of sports and recreation area, apart-hotel, development of transport infrastructure, associated business. The perspective is to unite 8 hospitals, medical equipment factory and innovation institutes in the frame of “Kurgan medical cluster”.

A new playing module is mounted on the playground of Ilizarov park. It is a sensory labyrinth for handicapped children. The opening of the labyrinth was dedicated to the International Day of Peace. A sponsor of the project is the “EKAMED” company, a long-standing partner of the Ilizarov Centre. The labyrinth construction is accessible for children of different age and capacities including those on wheel-chairs. This playground is a part of the Centre’s concept of so-called “Friendly environment”. The idea is to give as much comfort to patients during their treatment in the clinic as possible, to create a home-like atmosphere for children, to distract them from stress and to stimulate rehabilitation and social adaptation.

The international masterclass on “Application of the Ilizarov transosseous osteosynthesis and intramedullary blocking nail in treatment of long bone pathologies in small pets” was held on the 19-20th of September in Jelgava, Latvia.

The training was guided by senior researcher of the Ilizarov Center Andrey Emanov on the base of veterinary faculty of Latvian Agricultural University. Fifteen attendees – veterinary surgeons from the European Union (Latvia, Lithuania) participated in the masterclass.

New school year starts

This September will be the first school experience for six 1st-grade pupils in the Ilizarov Centre: they will combine their treatment in clinic with studying at school, no time will be wasted.

The Ilizarov Centre has been collaborating with the Kurgan secondary school # 43 since 1982.  School teaches come to patients’ wards for classes, exams and social events. Besides, the Centre is licensed to organize the Uniform state exam for high school students. Annually, 350-450 children of school age undergo treatment in the Centre and study. Since 1995 almost 350 diplomas of graduation has been delivered to high school students within the walls of the Ilizarov Centre.  

In the year of 95th anniversary of Gavriil Ilizarov the Kurgan secondary school # 43 was named after him as a tribute to the famous surgeon and legend of world orthopedics.

The beginning of school year 2016-2017 was celebrated by a traditional opening ceremony in the hall of the Centre and a chemical show “Magic of science” in the Centre’s Museum.

The International Meeting ILIZAROV READINGS 2016 «BONE PATHOLOGY: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE» (Kurgan, June, 16-18) opens its halls to over 500 delegates from Russia, USA, UK, Germany, China, India, Italy, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Syria, Serbia, Iran, SAR, Egypt, Canada.The International Meeting “Ilizarov Readings 2016” has been accredited by the EACCME® with 18 CME credits.

This year – the year of Ilizarov - celebrates several milestone dates important to the Ilizarov-minded world: 95th anniversary of Professor G.A.Ilizarov, 65th anniversary of the Ilizarov Method, and 45th anniversary of the Ilizarov Centre.

The program of the conference includes various events to contribute the successful development of orthopedics, multicultural exchange and friendly relations between the doctors of different countries.

The solemn ceremony on the 15thof June - the Gavriil Ilizarov’s birthday - invited many guests: friends, colleagues, disciples, patients, relatives of the Genius of orthopedics. 95 balloons flied up in the sky to commemorate the jubilee.

Ten distinguished doctors were traditionally awarded with a title “Professor Emeritus”.

The press-conference organized by TASS news agency presented the most recent data of Ilizarov method distribution all over the world, reported by doctors from Russia, Egypt, India, Syria and USA.

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