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The AOSpine Nominating Committee has elected new members of the AOSpine Russian Federation Council for a three-year term. It consists of Alexander Gubin (Chairperson), Alexander Mushkin (Past Chairperson), Sergey Ryabykh (Education Officer-Ortho) and Dmitry Ptashnikov (Education Officer-Neuro). The Country Council is in charge of realizing the opportunities available to all AOSpine members, such as participating in the educational events, teaching at local seminars, hosting Fellows, contributing to journals.

In December the Ilizarov Centre celebrates its 45-th anniversary. 45 years ago on the 8th of December 1971 the joint department of the Leningrad research institute of traumatology and orthopedics named after R.L.Vreden was officially reorganized into Kurgan research institute of experimental and clinical orthopedics and traumatology (KNIIEKOT). Thus, Kurgan got its own Orthopedic Centre.

During the 45 years of Ilizarov’s clinic life over 170 000 patients were treated and about 187 000 surgeries performed. As for the scientific activity, 49 national and international conferences and meetings were held.  The Ilizarov scientific school was formed here as well – 312 thesis papers were defended by  researches and doctors of the Centre, over 10 000 articles and books were published and 988 invention patents received. 9100 fellows  from 75 countries were trained (including 420 doctors from the USA, 279 from Japan, 251 from Great Britain and 242 from Republic of Korea).

Doctors of the Ilizarov Centre took part in the annual meeting of pediatricians of Serbia (October, 28-29, Congress-Hall Sava-Centar, Belgrade). The meeting was organized by the Tirsova University Children Clinic. Prof A.Gubin (CEO) and Dr D.Popkov (Head of the Neuroorthopedic clinic) shared their experience with Serbian colleagues on treatment of spine pathologies in children and single event multilevel surgery in CP patients.

Russian Ilizarov Scientific Centre develops solid relationship with Serbia, dozens of patients with complex skeletal pathologies were treated in Kurgan orthopedic clinic. Since 2016 the Ilizarov Centre has been registered as a unique referent orthopedic institution in Russia in the official list of State Fund of Medical Insurance and is allowed to perform specialized treatment of Serbian patients with financial support of the state. Details can be found on the Fund website:

About hundred veterinarian doctors from all over Russia took part in the seminar “Modern technologies in traumatology and orthopedics of small pets”. Organizers of the meeting were Ilizarov Centre,  animal clinic “Endovet” and AGROVETCONSULTING company. The seminar programme included issues of mini-invasive methods of treatment in complicated fractures in animals, application of Ilizarov fixator in fractures in cats and dogs, state of the art anesthesia of trauma and orthopedic surgery, etc.

The training was proved by certificate of Postgraduate education program for veterinarians.

«The New Indian Express» published an article about successful treatment of neglected trauma patients with the Ilizarov method by Dr Shibu John Varkey, a former Fellow of the Ilizarov Centre (Kurgan, Russia).

ASAMI of India and Russia develop solid collaboration; annually the Ilizarov Centre welcomes several Indian doctors to take part in Fellowship, training courses and conferences. But Dr Shibu is unique, as he spent 4 years in Kurgan Ilizarov Centre (1997-2001), learnt Russian and got a PhD from the Ilizarov Centre on complex study of muscles in tibial lengthening. Now he treats around 50 patients daily, six days a week at the St. Thomas Hospital, Chethipuzha using the Ilizarov method.

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