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  • October, 31

 The “Regional festival of science – 2017” took place this year in the Kurgan State Agricultural Academy named after T.S.Maltsev”. The aim of the event is involving  young children into the research activity, to make the science attractive to them. Over 200 pupils participated in the festival.

An educational platform “Medical sciences”  was moderated by a senior researcher of laboratory of biochemistry of the Ilizarov Centre A.N.Nakoskin, PhD. Two workshops were held: “New orthopedic methods” and “Capacity of the Ilizarov device”.

  • November,  1 

A two-week-long educational course of rehabilitology was held in the Centre for all the specialist involved in the process of physical rehabilitation of orthopedic and trauma patients including neurologists and orthopedic surgeons. Ekaterina Klochkova, an invited lecturer (non-commercial organization “Physical rehabilitation”, St. Petersburg) introduced notions of physical therapy and ergotherapy.

  • November, 1
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On the 1st-2nd of November a seminar on cosmetic prosthetics of finger defects and facial bone loss was held on the basis of Clinic of reconstructive-plastic surgery and hand surgery of the Ilizarov Centre. Specialist from Moscow Laboratory of facial prosthetics ProtezStudio presented a work-shop of making individual cosmetic prosthesis for finger stumps.

  • November, 10

Doctors from the Ilizarov Centre and Kurgan City Hospital # 2 met for the rounds of the traumatological department of city hospital. Two clinics collaborate in the frame of Kurgan Medical Cluster.

  • November, 15

Doctors from Kurgan congratulated their colleagues from Bangladesh orthopedic BARI IIZAROV CENTRE  with the 20-th anniversary of the clinic. They participated in the training course dedicated to this jubilee and presented a video to Dr Bari with the best wishes from Kurgan. Dr Bari is a frequent guest of the Russian Ilizarov Centre, in 2016 he received the title of Honorary Professor. Video by link 

  • November,  17 - 19
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The annual tourist exhibition “YugraTour 2017”  took place  in Khanty-Mansiysk for the 16th time. Ten region of Russian Federation participated in it. Over 50 patients were consulted on the stand of Kurgan Medical Cluster during the three days of exhibition by specialists of the Ilizarov Centre Oleg Kolchev, Artem Resnik and Yegor Filatov.

  • November, 23 


Five years ago the sculpture of a dog “They serve to science” appeared in the Ilizarov Centre park. The artist Ludmila Laperdina created this monument inspired by a photo of a real shepherd participating in the experimental series.

  • November, 25


Administration of the Moscow hospice “House with a beacon” invited the expert in neuroorthopedics Dmitry Popkov  for consultations of children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, spinal muscular atrophy, osteogenesis imperfecta.  21 children from 43 examined ones will be operated in the Clinic of neuroorthopedics of the Ilizarov Centre in the next year.    

The journal Genij Ortopedii has been evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). The review of this title is now complete and the CSAB has advised that the title will be accepted for inclusion in Scopus.

For your information, the reviewer comments are copied below:

"The Ilizarov method is of course known to all surgeons, and this journal should be a deserved addition to the world's literature".

The indexing process for Scopus will be finished in three months. 

October, 21

OTCF Research Workshop 2017 on External Fixation and Percutaneous Pinning was successfully held in Malaga (Spain). Specialists from orthopedic clinics of Great Britain, Spain, France, Germany, USA shared their experience. Russian orthopedic tradition was presented by Dr Dmitry Popkov. Results of application of external fixation in pediatric traumatology and combined technique of osteosynthesis in systemic skeletal diseases were summarized in co-authorship with Anatoly Korobeinikov, the head of research-scientific laboratory of pediatric traumatology of the Ilizarov Centre. The materials are suggested for publication in the International Journal of the Care of the Injured, indexed in PubMed. 

October, 19

 “The Old Carpetbag” puppet theatre presented a mono-show “The Kitten in snow” for young patients of the Ilizarov Centre. Director, play writer and actor of the theatre “The Old Carpetbag” is Sergey Narykov. The puppet theatre was founded in 1996 as a social theatre. Now shows of  “The Old Carpetbag” are popular not only in Kurgan, the geography of its tours runs the whole Russia.

October, 18-20

vena1 vena2

The 5th EPOS-EFORT BAT Instructional Course Trilogy was successfully started in Vena (Austria). The eponym BAT arises from Basic Courses, Advanced Courses and Traumatology Courses. These courses together constitute “EPOS BAT Educational Programme” and aim to facilitate a problem-solving approach in the diagnosis and management of orthopaedic conditions in children informed by relevant research evidence. Course teaching Faculties are composed of highly internationally recognized specialists in Children’s Orthopaedic from all over Europe and USA. In Russia the unique society-partner of EPOS (European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society) is ASAMI Russia. EPOS Faculty Member Dmitry Popkov presented for course attendees talks on principles of distraction osteosynthesis, application of ExFix in limb lengthening and workshops on use of hexapod fixators in deformity correction in children. Since May, 2011 EPOS-EFORT BAT IC Trilogy diplomas have been handed to 226 surgeons from 37 countries.

October, 20


The conference “High-performance employment creation is the  growth strategy of Russia” was held on the 19th of October in Kurgan. Representatives of state and municipal enterprises,  authorities and social organizations suggested staff proposals of regional industry involving a new generation of young professionals.

Director of the Ilizarov Centre Alexander Gubin proposed a project “Medicine of the future” based on increas of the patient flow which should impact development of the medical care service and demand for highly qualified professionals.

October, 18


The I Russian-Chinese Congress of Neurosurgeons was held on the 18-20th  of October in Ufa (Russia). The meeting was organized by collaboration of Associations of neurosurgeons of Russia and China. Specialists of the Ilizarov Centre took an active part in the congress. Sergey Lulin, the Head of spinal surgery department, presented a talk on “Role and perspectives of mini-invasive surgery in degenerative diseases of spine”.

Besides, on October, 3-4 a workshop on the endoscopic spinal surgery was performed on the basis of Federal Centre of Tramatology in Barnaul (Russia).

October, 16


Method of Flexible Intramedullary Nailing (FIN) in reconstructive surgery has been used in the Ilizarov Centre since 2001. A multicentral study of bioactive osteoinductive coating for flexible implants unites researchers of National Research Polytechnic University of Tomsk, University Hospitals of Geneva (H.U.G.) and Ilizarov Centre under supervision of Prof. Arnold Popkov. Results of experimental study and clinical application of osteoinductive FIN study were presented in H.U.G. by D.Popkov. These materials can be found in the article  The use of flexible intramedullary nails in limb lengthening published in Expert Review of Medical Devices.

October, 13


A famous Russian pop-singer Shura visited our Clinic for consultation. In his Instagram Shura posted a picture with doctors and signed it: Here is my family for January and February, I’ll be brand-new!!”


The Russian scientific-practical conference with international participation “Topical issues of complex rehabilitation of children with diseases of nervous system and loco-motor system in rehabilitation clinic” was held in Moscow. The experience of Ilizarov Centre in this sphere was presented by Sergey Leonchuk, Head of the department # 6 of the Clinic of Neuroorthopedics. His talk was about correction of orthopedic disorders in children.

By the way, S.Leonchuk became a nominee of the independent contest of public activists, social and industrial projects of the Kurgan "Blossom of Russia".  Annually over 70 young representatives of different regional spheres of activity take part in the contest. 

ici2jlimblengthenreconstr 2017 3 2The very first volume of Journal of Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction was issued on November 5, 2015, it was presented during the ILLRS Congress in Miami, Fl (USA). Now it is indexed in Index Copernicus International.

JLLR, Official Publication for Association of study & Application of methods of Ilizarov (ASAMI-BR) & International Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction Society (ILLRS), is a peer-reviewed online journal with Semiannual print on demand compilation of issues published. The journal’s full text is available online at The journal allows free access (Open Access) to its contents and permits authors to self-archive final accepted version of the articles on any OAI-compliant institutional / subject-based repository. 

Director of the Ilizarov Center  Alexander Gubin, MD, PhD, AOSpine education officer  presents Russia in the Editorial board of the journal.

The journal covers technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in field of limb lengthening deformity correction, treatment of nonunions, bone gaps, infections, post tumor reconstruction, congenital limb anomalies. Articles with clinical interest and implications will be given preference.

  • September, 28

The national conference of nurses “ Professional competence of the hospital nurse”  was held in the Ilizarov Centre.  Over 200 participants from Russia and Kazakhstan, 100 students of the Kurgan medical college take part in the scientific and practical parts of the event.

  • September, 27  al veteranov 2

Out-door mobile exhibition of local photographers “Nature of Zauralye” is located in front of the main entrance of the Ilizarov Centre. It is dedicated to the year of ecology in Russia and supported by grant of Ural youth forum “Morning-2017”.

A new alley dedicated to veterans appeared in Centre’s park. Pupils of the School # 43 named after G.Ilizarov and pensioners of the clinic planted 30 trees.

  • September, 25 mongolskie vrachi2

GuestsfromUlan-Bator (Mongolia) visited Kurgan orthopedic clinic. Three medical specialists discussed the following collaboration with Russian orthopedists in education and sharing of experience, visited operation hall and pilot plant.

  • September, 15 biomedteh

Over 1000 delegates participated in the medical conference “BioTechMed-2017” in Gelendgik (Krasnodar region). The Ilizarov Centre was presented by A.Gubin, speaker of  implants and orthopedic equipment section. The aim of the conference was to introduce new devices by young specialists, some of them will later appear in hospitals and policlinics of the country.

  • September, 7

The hall of the Ilizarov Centre has changed the art collection, now the walls are decorated with a paintings of Irina Aroslanova, a talented artist, professor of the Art school and member of Russian union of artists. The core work of the exhibition is a historical triptych “Legend of Kurgan” depicting a beautiful Asian princess Nazieh and austere khan  Kadyr.

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