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18 September

Course on external fixation and infection, Colombia

From September 12 to September 14 in Cartagena, Colombia,  the Colombian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology held a conference  entitled "Curso de fijacion externa e infecciones" (Course on external fixation and infection).

The conference was attended by specialists of the Ilizarov Center Prof. Gubin A.V., doctor of medical sciences Teplentky M.P., Ph.D. Sudnitsyn A.S.
Thepresentations of Kurgan doctors were devoted to the possibities of the Ilizarov method in solving the problems of traumatology and orthopedics. In particular, prof. doctor of medical sciences Gubin A.V. presented reports on the history of the creation of the Ilizarov method, the possibilities of transosseous osteosynthesis in the treatment of patients with a vertebrological profile, and methods for the correction of chronic pelvic fractures. MD Teplenky M.P. shared with foreign colleagues his experience in the application of the Ilizarov method in the treatment of children with pathology of the pelvis and hip joint, elimination of complex deformities of the bones of the lower limb. Reports of Ph.D. Sudnitsyna A.S. were devoted to the capabilities of the Ilizarov method in the treatment of patients with osteomyelitis of lower limbs, the experience of using the method of transosseous osteosynthesis in conditions of purulent lesions of the foot and ankle joint was separately highlighted.
Along with the presentations, Ph.D. Teplenky M.P. held a master class for foreign colleagues on the formation of pelvic support in patients with congenital dislocation of the hip joint.