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03 October

September digest

  • September, 28

The national conference of nurses “ Professional competence of the hospital nurse”  was held in the Ilizarov Centre.  Over 200 participants from Russia and Kazakhstan, 100 students of the Kurgan medical college take part in the scientific and practical parts of the event.

  • September, 27  al veteranov 2

Out-door mobile exhibition of local photographers “Nature of Zauralye” is located in front of the main entrance of the Ilizarov Centre. It is dedicated to the year of ecology in Russia and supported by grant of Ural youth forum “Morning-2017”.

A new alley dedicated to veterans appeared in Centre’s park. Pupils of the School # 43 named after G.Ilizarov and pensioners of the clinic planted 30 trees.

  • September, 25 mongolskie vrachi2

GuestsfromUlan-Bator (Mongolia) visited Kurgan orthopedic clinic. Three medical specialists discussed the following collaboration with Russian orthopedists in education and sharing of experience, visited operation hall and pilot plant.

  • September, 15 biomedteh

Over 1000 delegates participated in the medical conference “BioTechMed-2017” in Gelendgik (Krasnodar region). The Ilizarov Centre was presented by A.Gubin, speaker of  implants and orthopedic equipment section. The aim of the conference was to introduce new devices by young specialists, some of them will later appear in hospitals and policlinics of the country.

  • September, 7

The hall of the Ilizarov Centre has changed the art collection, now the walls are decorated with a paintings of Irina Aroslanova, a talented artist, professor of the Art school and member of Russian union of artists. The core work of the exhibition is a historical triptych “Legend of Kurgan” depicting a beautiful Asian princess Nazieh and austere khan  Kadyr.