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01 September

The school year 2016-2017 has begun.

New school year starts

This September will be the first school experience for six 1st-grade pupils in the Ilizarov Centre: they will combine their treatment in clinic with studying at school, no time will be wasted.

The Ilizarov Centre has been collaborating with the Kurgan secondary school # 43 since 1982.  School teaches come to patients’ wards for classes, exams and social events. Besides, the Centre is licensed to organize the Uniform state exam for high school students. Annually, 350-450 children of school age undergo treatment in the Centre and study. Since 1995 almost 350 diplomas of graduation has been delivered to high school students within the walls of the Ilizarov Centre.  

In the year of 95th anniversary of Gavriil Ilizarov the Kurgan secondary school # 43 was named after him as a tribute to the famous surgeon and legend of world orthopedics.

The beginning of school year 2016-2017 was celebrated by a traditional opening ceremony in the hall of the Centre and a chemical show “Magic of science” in the Centre’s Museum.