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20 October

"Nova Science Publishers" released a new monograph

A new monograph entitled COMBINED STIMULATING METHODS OF RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY IN PEDIATRIC ORTHOPEDICS has been published by Nova Science Publishers” (USA). It deals with methods of combined osteosynthesis in pediatric orthopedics and can be found in printed and electronic versions (ISBN: 978-1-63483-028-7 printed version, ISBN: 978-1-63483-053-9 eBook).

обложка монографии

The book is edited by Dmitry POPKOV, MD, PhD, chief of laboratory of deformity correction and limb lengthening of the Ilizarov Center.

The chapters are written by researchers and doctors of the Ilizarov Center: prof. A.Popkov, S.Ryabykh, D.Borzunov, N.Kononovich, R.Shutov, A.Mitrofanov, E.Gorbach, A.Yemanov, S.Kolchin, D.Popkov; as well as by our French and Swiss colleagues: prof. P.Lascombes, prof. P.Journeau, D.Barbier. Introduction is performed by A.Gubin, MD, PhD.

The monograph presents state-of-the-art theoretic knowledge and experimental data which became the basis of clinical techniques applied in reconstructive pediatric orthopedics. New methods of treatment are developed in Kurgan clinic, some of them in collaboration with European colleagues.