15 November

Doctors of the Ilizarov Center successfully reattached a cut-off hand

kist2On October 13, a patient with a serious injury was urgently delivered to the Ilizarov Center. The 36-year- old man was using a miter saw to work on a home project when he cut his right hand clean off at the forearm in the town of Shadrinsk. Ambulance doctors of the Shadrinsk Central Regional Hospital made a decision to save the hand and Igor Koftun was taken to the clinic for reconstructive plastic surgery and hand surgery at the Ilizarov Center in Kurgan. Four hours after the accident the patient was already on the operation table ready for the replantation surgery. It is a surgical procedure to engraft a partially or completely severed limb segment by suturing vessels, connecting damaged nerves and bones, and further restoring blood circulation in the attached part of the body. A complex high-tech operation to reattach the right hand lasted seven hours.

kist3The delicate surgery was performed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of: the head of the clinic for hand microsurgery, MD. Natalia Shikhaleva, the head of hand surgery department Denis Tyagunov and an anesthesiologist Grigory Mukhametdinov. Replantation of the hand using a microscope, microsurgical instruments and suture material thinner than a human hair required special skills from the surgeons. The well-coordinated work of the doctors of the clinic resulted in complete engraftment of the hand with the primary restoration of the tendon apparatus, great veins and arteries, as well as neural trunks, osteosynthesis of damaged bone structures. The patient is now undergoing rehabilitation. Under the supervision of rehabilitation therapists, exercise therapy instructors, the young man daily performs a special course of "charging" for the replanted limb. In addition, to restore the tendon-muscle apparatus of the hand, the patient is receiving electrical stimulation. Three weeks after replantation, the patient's condition is normal, the wounds have healed, the fingers flex and unbend.

kist4"This case is quite unique.There are no more than 10 similar cases described in the entire history of hand surgery, and there are only a few successful experiments of replantation, so actually now the Ilizarov Center has such a unique experience - replantation of a completely amputated hand"! – comments Alexander Burtsev, acting director of the Ilizarov Center.

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