18 June

The Ilizarov Center greet the delegates "Ilizarov Readings - 2021"

A three-day scientific marathon "Ilizarov Readings" has started at the Ilizarov Center from the 16th of June. This year the total number of participants was more than 400, 200 delegates will present their free papers. As the format of the conference is hybrid, anyone can join the conference by following the link on the website www.meeting.ilizarov.ru and on the YouTube channel Ilizarov Center.
The geography of participants of the anniversary conference is very extensive. Among the delegates are representatives of Portugal, Egypt, Italy, USA, Brazil, China, South Korea, Oman, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.
The conference was opened by Acting Director of the Ilizarov Center, MD Alexander Burtsev. In his speech addressed to the delegates, he emphasized that this year the conference was dedicated to three significant dates - the 100th anniversary of Academician G.A. Ilizarov, the 70th anniversary of his method and the 50th anniversary of the Center.
“The conference concept will be built on three blocks, which coincide with our anniversary dates. The format of the scientific symposium will be very interactive, colleagues from all over the world will take part in this large-scale three-day scientific marathon. Today our conference is one of the few events of this scale held within the framework of one institution, ” - noted Alexander Burtsev.
Program of the ILIZAROV READINGS 2021
Day 1.100 years of academician Ilizarov
Historical aspects: biography of Academician Ilizarov; concept and initial development of distraction osteogenesis; fundamental aspects of bone formation in conditions of distraction; biomechanics.

Day 2.70 years of the Ilizarov method
Spreading and development of the Ilizarov method in world orthopedics: achieving external fixation in the treatment of patients with injuries, the consequences of trauma, congenital and acquired bone defects, deformities and shortening of the limbs; children's orthopedics; infection surgery in traumatology and orthopedics; Ilizarov method in combination with other techniques.
Day 3.50 years of the Ilizarov Center
The Ilizarov philosophy and modern orthopedics in all manifestations: achievements, prospects and new treatment strategies.

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