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18 June

The Council AOSpine RF

The election of members in the Council AOSpine RF has been announced. Since the 1st of July 2020 for a tree-year term interests of Russia in the sphere of advancement and education in spinal surgery will be represented by Sergey Ryabykh (chairperson), Denis Naumov (officer orthopedics), and Igor Basankon (officer neurosurgery), supported for the next year by past chairperson Alexander Gubin to ensure continuity of the Council strategy.

As mentioned Sergey Ryabykh, “the entire team of the new council is very much counting on all members of the AOSpine RF“ family ” to be involved in the work in achieving the advancement of a successful professional communication and education scheme under the auspices of the AO project in demand.”

Denis Naumov notes that “it is extremely pleasant to see the wide geography of the new composition of participants, this will make it possible to better adapt the educational system of AO in Russia, which ultimately will ensure standardization of approaches to the treatment of vertebral pathology in our country.”

Igor Basankin believes that the basis for the next stage of development of AOSpine RF will be continuity and multicenter collaboration.

Alexander Gubin counts on the active participation of the new council in the project and wishes his colleagues perseverance and patience in achieving the tasks facing the professional community of spinal surgeons in Russia.