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25 December

Digest 2019 (June-August)

June 2019

  • Young surgeons of the Ilizarov Center participated in the VI International Olympic Games for resident doctors of trauma and orthopedics specialty that was held in Smolensk, June, 21-22. 71 residents and 26 teams took part in this professional skills competition. Resident doctors from Kurgan – Ilia Sutiaguin, Timur Latypov and Anton Lushnikov – achieved good results in individual competition (all of them in Top20 score), as a team they scored the 6th place.

  • The Eurasian Orthopedic Forum welcomed delegates from 18 countries on the 28-29th of June in Moscow. Russia was represented by participants from a dozen of cities. Kurgan team consisted of Alexander Gubin, Anna Aranovich, Mikhail Tyoplenky, Andrey Kaminsky, Oksana Prudnikova, Artem Reznik, Mairbeck Pliev and Akhmet Tomov. Their free papers were presented in sessions “Robototechnics, navigation and 3D modeling in spinal surgery”, “Pediatric trauma and orthopedics”, “Reconstructive hand surgery and plastic surgery”, etc.
  • Doctor Yong Hong Zhang (Shangsi, China) completed his month-long Fellowship in the Ilizarov Center. The University Hospital where Dr Yong Hong works is as big as the Ilizarov Center and the method of Ilizarov is very popular and widely applied there. Dr Yong Hong came to Kurgan for the second time at the invitation of director A.Gubin.

  • A unique gallery appeared on the walls of the Ilizarov Center library. Portraits of 12 outstanding world-known orthopedists depicted a story of development and important inventions and scientific breakthrough of the 20th century in the sphere of trauma and orthopedic surgery. The project was designed to the 50th anniversary of the library. Funds of the library has grown from 2300 units in 1969 to over 70 000 by now, among them rare editions on traumatology and orthopedics of the 19th -20th centuries, filing of Military Medicine Revue of the years 1895-1912, Atlas of Pirogov in 6 volumes, first editions of Gavriil Ilizarov.
  • Invited lecturers of the “Ilizarov Readings 2019” Pr Szymon Pietrzak, Tomasz Parol and the EPOS President Jaroslaw Czubak planted young trees in front of “snowflake” building of the Center as a beginning of Ilizarov grove. Small oak-trees were brought from Belovezh, Poland – the birthplace of academician Gavriil Ilizarov. That gift to Kurgan clinic on the birthday of orthopedic genius symbolized importance of forces of nature and strong relations between Russian and Polish professional communities.

Scientific Marathon in the Ilizarov Center from the 11th till 15th of June started with 2nd All-Russian Traumatologic and Orthopedic Veterinary Conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the experimental department of the Ilizarov Center (150 participants). It was followed by 1st Regional Forum “Medicine. Manufacturing. Pharmacology” (90 participants) and Annual International Scientific and Practical Conference “Ilizarov Readings” (240 participants).

  • The 10th Athletic Competition for the prizes of the “Gentleman of the Order of Smile” was successfully held on the 11th of June. It united over 300 runners from kinder-gardens, 200 school pupils, more than 100 patients and staff of the Ilizarov Center.

July 2019

  • Five foreign patients were treated in July in the Ilizarov Center. For them the Kurgan clinic became the only hope for cure. A girl from Qatar with congenital malformation of leg undergone 8 unsuccessful surgeries before her parents found out the opportunity of treatment in the Ilizarov Center. An 11-year-old girl from Alger with congenital hip dislocation was never treated before, her family was advised to go for hip reconstruction to Kurgan (Russia) by Dr Rauph Letrech, an Ilizarov Fellow researcher and surgeon. Three patients from Iraq came to the Ilizarov Center looking for spinal hernia management.
  • The Ilizarov Museum received a gift from grateful parents of a cured little patient. A couple from Qatar came to Kurgan for the second time, last summer they brought their daughter for consultation and this year the treatment was successfully finished. Abdul and Mariam wished to leave a national souvenir for Russian doctors and presented a national Qatar man outfit. It enlarged a collection of national costumes in the museum.

August 2019

  • The British Limb Reconstruction Society (BLRS) hosted the 4th Combined Congress of the ASAMI-BR & ILLRS societies, in Liverpool, UK from 27th - 30th August 2019. Leading specialists of the Ilizarov method met together for sharing knowledge and skills. Geography of participants spread all over the world: Russia, USA, Spain, Italy, UK, Brazil, China, Egypt, Bangladesh. A delegation of 11 doctors represented the Ilizarov Center.

  • A  commemorative plaque of a new design appeared on the house where academician Gavriil Ilizarov lived and worked from 1974 till 1992. It replaced a previous memorial plate at the initiative of ASAMI Russia group on the eve of 100th anniversary of the famous orthopedists.

  • Four doctors from Pakistan and Mauritius participated in a 10-day-long training course on the transosseous osteosynthesis by Ilizarov.

  • “AQUAFEST 2019”, an international art festival, came to the Ilizarov park. Patients of our clinic took part in a work-shop on watercolor painting. Professional painters together with amateurs created landscape sketches inspired by Indian summer nature.