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The Ilizarov Center museum was opened on 15 June 1993. Prof V.I. Shevtsov, director of the Center at that time, opened it during the International scientific and practical conference The Ilizarov method: achievements and prospects that was dedicated to G.A. Ilizarov and the future of the method. More than 270 participants arrived to participate in the event from all over Russia and abroad and were the first visitors of the Museum exhibition. They expressed their gratitude to the initiative of the Center to commemorate the deeds of the great orthopaedic surgeon and his successors.


The main museum space is the former G. Ilizarov’s study and office where he worked from 1972 to 1983 displaying his furniture, souvenirs, books, his first apparatus and manuscripts. There are a lot of portraits on the walls painted by artists and former patients on their own wish as Ilizarov never ordered any of his portraits.


The other halls exhibit a lot of material on the Center’s history and activities: lot of displays, documents, photos and apparatus models.
The Museum was renovated in 2011 and uses computer technologies in demonstrating slide-shows, films and a great number of presentations. The museum has been already visited by more than 60,000 people.


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