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ilizarov g aIn 1951, the founder of the Center Gabriil Abramovich Ilizarov offered the method for fracture repair (later for orthopaedic diseases) by means of the created by him compression-distraction device. The invention of the Kurgan doctor became an ideal construct for bone fusion. In 1968, Ilizarov was honoured with two scientific degrees at a time, the Candidate of Medical Sciences and the Doctor of Medical Sciences for a many-years’ research and practice with application of his external fixation device. His construct comprising 2 rings with 2 crossed and tensioned wires that transfix the bone in each ring provided not only bone fragments union but also enabled bone deformity correction and bone lengthening.

Themain periods of the Ilizarov Center evolution

In 1966, G.A. Ilizarov was appointed head of problem laboratory (Sverdlovsk research Institute for traumatology and orthopaedics) that studied implementation of the proposed method into clinical practice. In 1969, the laboratory was reformed into the branch of the Leningrad Research Institute for traumatology and orthopaedics, and in December 1971 into the Kurgan Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Orthopaedics and Traumatology (KNIIEKOT). In 1987, the institute became all-USSR, and in 1993 the Russian Scientific Centre for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics was named after academician G.A. Ilizarov. 

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The Ilizarov method of transosseous osteosynthesis has been developed and introduced into practical orthopaedics and traumatology throughout the world and is the universal system of surgical and bloodless methods for treating fractures of any location, limb shorthening and deformities, bone defects and loss without transplantation, pseodoarthrosis, pathology of major joints, and diseases of the hand and foot. The great invention has stimulated the development of numerous apparatus constructs, methods of bone pathology treatment and experimental substantiation of osteogenesis. The method is used in angiology, vertebrology, oncology and other associated fields of medicine. It has been employed in all regions of Russia, CIS countries and in 88 countries of the world.

The scientists and doctors of the Center has defended 187 dissertations for candidate of medical sciences degree and 49 doctoral theses, published 8269 scientific works, prepared 188 manuals for practitioners, and published 45 books. The scientific and practical journal Genij Ortopedii (Genius of Orthopaedics) has been published since 1995.

The Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics was awarded by the Russian Federation Government for its outstanding quality of hospital services and introduction of highly effective management methods. In 2001, the Center became Laureate of the All-Russian competition as the Russian institution of high social effectiveness.

Since 2005, the official name of the Center is the Federal State Institution Russian Ilizarov Scientific Centre for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics of the ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation.

The Centre’s history on calendar pages.




The 21st of January 1974– the certificate № 49833 dated 21.01.74 for the KSRIECOT (the Kurgan Scientific Research Institution of Experimental Clinical Othopaedics and Traumatology) emblem “a tree in a ring and two palms” was received. It was handed by the State Committee on Inventions.

The 13th of January 1982 – in Italy the Association
for the Study and Application of the Method of Ilizarov (ASAMI) was established.


The 6th of February 1969 The USSR Ministry of Health and the Committee on Inventions of medical apparatus of the Ministry decided to name after Ilizarov the apparatus which he had invented.

The 19th of February 1982 - The Centre was awarded by the order «a Badge of Honor » for the attained successes in development of health care medical science, and the Centre’s staff was conferred the honorary title «The Staff of high culture»

The 1st of February 1984– in the KSRIECOT the postgraduate course on the subject "Traumatology and orthopaedics» was organised.


The 24th of March 1978– G.A.Ilizarov was awarded «The Order of the Smile».

The 24th of March 1988 – The first international courses on lenthening of extremities were held in the Centre.



The 28th ofApril 1978– G.A. Ilizarov was awarded by the Lenin Prize.

The 2nd of April 1980 - The well-known Italian traveller Karlo Mauri came on treatment to the Kurgan research Institution of experimental and clinical orthopaedics and traumatology.

The 12th of April 1993 –The Russian State Scientific Centre «Restorative traumatology and orthopaedics» was named after the academician G.A.Ilizarov.



The 21st of May 1968 –The Olympic champion in diving Valery Brumel came on treatment to Ilizarov to Kurgan.

The 8th of May 1985 – According to the results of 1984 the Red Flag of the USSR Ministry of Health was handed to the the Kurgan research Institution of experimental and clinical orthopaedics and traumatology on perpetually storage

for excellent achivements in socialist competition of the Scientific Research Institution.


The 9th of June 1952 – G.A.Ilizarov declared «the Method of jointing of bones at fractures and the apparatus for implementation of this method»

The 8th of June 1971 – Thescientific consultativepolyclinic department wasorganized by the branch order № 63 dated 08.06.1971

The 15th of June 1993 – The museum of the Centre’s history of development was opened.


The 24th of July 1992– The Memorial Day of the academician Ilizarov Gavriil Abramovich

The 15th of July 2003 - A.N.Yerohin, M.D., made bicycle race «Kurgan – Orenburg – Kurgan » devoted to the 65th Anniversary of his teacher prof.

V. I.Shevtsov under the guidance of

whom he worked on the doctoral dissertation.


The 24th of August 1952 – The first article about Ilizarov and the lenthening of extremities on 12,5 sm was published in the newspaper «Red Kurgan».

The 17th of August 1954 – The author's certificate on the invention «the Method of jointing of bones at fractures and the apparatus for implementation of this method» was received.

The 13th of August 1976 – G.A.Ilizarov was given the rank of "Professor" of the subject "orthopaedics and traumatology".


The 14th of September 1953 – The USSR Ministry of Health permitted application of the Ilizarovapparatus.

The 17-18th of September 1983 – The KSRIECOT new building in the shape of a snowflake was built. The eleven new departments and 360 beds were opened. 66 young specialists and 400 new employees of paramedical personnel were hired.

September 1995 – The first number of the scientific theoretical practical magazine "the genius of orthopaedics" in memory of academician G.A.Ilizarov was published.


The 1st of October 1976-the KSRIECOT pilot plant was organized.

The 10th of October 1999 – The Centre was visited by cellist M.Rostropovich.

The 11th of October 2000 - The trade mark "Traumatology and orthopaedics on the background of the Globe" was registered.


The 10th of November 1972 - The first issue of the collection of scientific works of the KSRIECOT "Transosseous compressive and distraction osteosynthesis in traumatology and orthopaedics "was published.


The 24th of December 1951 – G.A.Ilizarov officially suggested the idea of creation of the apparatus for jointing of bones.

The 30th of December 1965 -On the basis of the Kurgan hospital №2 the problem laboratory of the Sverdlovsk Scientific Research Institution of Traumatology and Orthopaedics was organised. The head of the lab was G.A.Ilizarov.

The 8th of December 1971 – The branch of the Leningrad Scientific Research Institution of Traumatology and Orthopaedics was reorganized into the Kurgan Scientific Research Institution of Experimental and Clinical Orthopaedics and Traumatology (the KSRIECOT).

The 9th of December 1988 – The medical team of the Ilizarov Centre left for Armenia to treat the earthquake victims.

The 7th of December 2001– In 2001 the Centre was awarded by the Prize of the Russian Federation Government in the field of quality.

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