Ilizarov Center

Directing the force of Nature
Ilizarov Center

Ilizarov Center is AOSpine Center in Russia

Ilizarov Center- key link of the European network of regional centers AOSpine centres
Ilizarov Center is AOSpine Center in Russia
Recovery is a process of interaction of the patient and the staff in a friendly, comfortable and safe environment where everyone has their own rights and responsibilities.
Patient is our partner скачать игру шадов файт 3 на компьютер

Leadership is the ability of one person to inspire others with a deed or an idea and to be responsible for them. Leadership is not based on ranks and posts.
Center’s success is in leadership of individuals расписание самолетов казань фергана

Actions of every employee configure the attitude to the Center.
Reputation of the Center depends on everybody
• Stability is based on talents and hard work of every employee, their positive cooperation with each other directed to ensure the mission of the Center.
Center’s stability is in the strong team драйвер на вай фай на xp скачать

• The Center has emerged from brilliant ideas of its founder Gavriil Ilizarov. That is its originality. • Absence of means stimulates to develop, to find new solutions for attracting funds.
Idea is ahead of means описание картины неизвестная

Every Teacher used to be a pupil. It is amoral to refuse sharing experience.
Convey experience, share knowledge
We are proud to work in a legendary Ilizarov Center. Our way is succession, professionalism, innovation.
Honor the past, improve the present, plan the future
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